I'm Marc, a passionate nature photographer from the North of Germany.

For more than 10 years I have been involved in landscape and nature photography in the land between the seas. Inspired by photographers and filmmakers like Jan Haft, Oliver Goetzl, Morten Hilmer, Paul Nicklen, Vincent Munier or Robert Marc Lehmann, I want to capture the nature around us with my pictures and share it with other people.

I want to create awareness of the local flora and fauna in the viewer of my pictures, arouse interest in all the small and large natural wonders that take place right outside our front doors and are often overlooked or perceived as not worth protecting.






As a child, I spent the school holidays together with my parents and my sister in our cabin, located in southern Sweden (Småland). Red-painted wood, white window frames, the forest almost on the doorstep - a typical Scandinavian idyll with an infinite nature all around us.


When I was 16, I got my first digital camera and I was constantly capturing everything that looked interesting to me in some way. What great landscapes I left behind, due to inexperience and youthful lack of interest, became clear to me a few years later...


2008 - time for a change: My first own DSLR - the Canon EOS 1000D. And again, I photographed everything that came in my sight.


That year, between graduation from school and getting started with the job, the desire to become a photographer came up. After several applications and the subsequent rejections I came to the realization that I knew nothing about photography, nothing about the relationship between aperture, ISO and time, nothing about composing and colours.


Beside choosing a solid apprenticeship (freight forwarding agent), I dealt with photography by rolling magazines and devouring information from the Internet and from photography forums. Later, the whole thing in moving pictures and with sound: the era of YouTube photographers dawned.


In 2012, I made a mistake that many people make when they start taking pictures: better equipment automatically leads to better pictures - I couldn't have been more wrong about this belief. Nevertheless, I switched from the Canon EOS 1000D (APS-C sensor) to a fullfrane model: the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


But as the photos didn't get better either, it dawned on me: I just had no idea about my camera and its settings. That should change now: equipped with only a 50 mm lens (the old kit lens no longer fit the 5D), I was forced to deal more with composing and the settings - an ongoing process that has not occurred completed yet, but has sparked my love for prime lenses.


In terms of photography, 2018 was a restart for me. After a break of almost 3 years, in which I did business studies in the evening and at the weekend parallel to my job, I finally had more time to devote myself to my passion - exploring nature and trying to capture the impressions with the camera.


During this time, I created my Instagram account, which I attempt to administer since then.


My great passion is the nature around me: the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas, the fields, meadows and lakes right on my doorstep, as well as the many small and medium-sized forests and bogs in the surrounding area. For me, going out with the camera means taking a break from everyday life, wherever it is possible to enjoy the peace and the local flora and fauna. And one thing has been added ever since and is growing day by day - wanderlust for all these great landscapes out there in the world - Scandinavia, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and, something that I rarely see as a coastal child: mountains.

In addition to classic nature and landscape shots, my heart beats especially for the details, so I also like to try macro shots and images with a long focal length. At the moment, I am also very fond of wildlife photography, which I would like to expand on in the future.

Seen in this way, I am still at the beginning of a very exciting journey in the world of photography - and I am happy to take you with me on this one.